My Anime Recommendations

My Anime Recommendations

Sometimes I need a break from real TV and I need to briefly suspend my belief. Anime is a good way to escape reality a bit and just watch some aseptically pleasing art forms. Typically anime movies and TV shows have drama plot lines and relatable characters; It as comes with dozens of categories as well. So if you want to relax, binge watch these.

Yuri! ON ICE

If you haven’t already seen Yuri! On Ice I have to wonder why you don’t cherish self love. This sports anime its a bout a mediocre figure skater, Yuri and his legendary mentor, Victor. The relationship between Yuri and Vitor is so cute and so much different than the usual male representation in most shows.  It is so cute and is just full of positivity.

Your Lie in April

Fair warning this will make you cry. If you want a nice wholesome innocent show to watch this is perfect. When a pianist meets this free spirited violinist  she slowly gives him the will to play again. One thing I love about this anime is that the characters are so passionate and motivates you to find or appreciate the things you care about.

Food Wars

This show has made me appreciate food on a whole new level. This is another show with characters who are really passionate about their craft. A young cook wants to take over his family business but must first graduate from an elite high school notorious for on spot expulsions. The main character is one of those underdogs that you always root for because everyone doubts him. Some of the scenes of people eating are a bit graphic but just know its just to be funny.

Psycho Pass

This is probably my favorite anime of all time, but there is a season 2 that I haven’t watched. This is like anime CSI and its really philosophical. Its going to make you question your sanity and just how you live your life. In their society everyone is subjected to brain scans and people who are deemed dangerous or like to commit a crime is imprisoned. Even if you never committed a crime you can be arrested; even children as young as five can be deemed as a latent criminals. So because the this society is supposedly a utopia the citizens don’t know crime, they keep their doors unlocked and just live their entire lives feeling safe. The main story is about this newly appointed inspector/cop is investigating numerous crimes and the man behind them cannot be traced. Again, I feel as if this is one of the best anime ever, it is so intense and will make you question everything.

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