Some Beauty Bits

Some Beauty Bits

I really love makeup, it is the most fun I have getting ready to go to places I hate. I also buy makeup with my own little bits of money so its all for the most part affordable. Even though most of what I have is affordable, they’re are some items I do believe you should splurge on such as foundation. Makeup wise I am open for the most part on what I use because I do have to make due with what I have most of the time. So without further delay here is some products I have tried and liked.

Beauty sponges

When I first started using makeup, maybe like four years ago, I had problems with blending. Blending helps get rid of harsh lines to hide where your make up starts and ends. Rather then getting the famous Beauty blender I just use random sponges from the low end brands. The one being shown is from real techniques and its really soft and easy to clean.

NYX Liquid Lingerie 

NYX in general is a really good brand and its hella affordable. Their liquid lips are good nudes and mauves. They also last very well and I’m usually someone who struggles to keep lip color on my lips. My favorite color from what I have is Seduction, its a peachy nude color; perfect for spring.

Colourpop Highlighter

I love highlighter, it is my favorite part of makeup. I take highlight so seriously it is what I spend the most on. Colourpop highlight is very pigmented and it has big shade range. I typically style within my gold highlights because It goes best with my brown completion. It has a unique texture so I apply it with my fingers and it last all day.

NYX Stay Matte Foundation

This is one I’m on the fence about because I have the worst time finding foundation that actually matches my skin color. If foundation isn’t too gray/pale then its orange. I spent most of my high school career looking like I wanted to make America great again. So my advice if you have the same problem is to opt of the lighter shade instead of orange because most of the time the light color will set to your face. Also, don’t dwell too much on foundation because a lot of it will be corrected with highlight and contour.

BH Cosmetics Brushes

Everyone who does makeup should start off with a brush set and then start collecting individuals. This, like sponges, is something you can never have too many off. My first brush set was from eBay and it was fairly decent, but not its on its last legs. As a Christmas present from a dear friend I was blessed with this brush kit. I use this everyday and I take it when I travel.

Contour Brush

This brush is a $2 God sent. Every single person who does makeup has struggled with contour and this brush makes it easier. If you powder contour or use bronzer this brush is the best and easiest applicator. Its literally one sweep. For the price everyone should have it and people call it the dupe (cheaper version) for this MAC brush I don’t know the name of. Oh, and this brush is very sturdy, with soft bristles that hardly ever shed. I’ve had this brush probably a year and I use it a lot.

LA Girl Pro Conceal

I use this all day, everyday. I use this as my highlight and contour and because they work so well I don’t use anything else. I probably should branch out and try more concealer but I have zero complaints about this one. ITs $3 at any beauty supply and has a wide color range. If you get this I recommend three colors, two shades lighter and darker than your skin and one that matches. I’m not a fan of the color correctors, but thats probably because I’m not completely sure how to do that.


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