Time is an Illusion

Time is an Illusion

I am more late than on time in my general life. Being late is the only constant in my life and if I am being honest I am not that ashamed. First off, when I am let the trains are less crowded and I=even if I’m early I’m still late so it is a lost cause. Second, nothing in my life is ever THAT important for me to be on time. life is too short to be pinching by the seconds.

People always waste other peoples time’s anyway. I have lost all respect for making appointments because 9/10 I never get seen on time. I am going to get a little hypocritical but I do value time but not being on time. I value how long something will take but I don’t care when starts or ends. For example if I hang out with my friends I think okay I should probably hang out with them for 3 hours so I have enough time to myself when I get home. I don’t care to be like I want to hang out with my friends at 3pm. That is the best I can explain it. Its kind of like if you’re late for 30 minutes you make up those thirty minutes I guess.

I hate nothing more than when people waste my time. I take my do nothing time very seriously, you have no idea how many youtube videos I can fit in an hour. I am also debating whether not I have insomnia so try to sleep whenever. Younger know what people have to do in their schedule so it is best to never waste their time.

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