Branding Myself

Branding Myself

So we have come full circle to me just chatting and procrastinating for an entire semester. My site is not a complete flop and actually has decent content. Thank the lord my indecisive defection habits did not hold back this project because it would be a real smacking the face to fail a class that actually pertains to what I want to do. So with that said here is an over view of what quick thinking and hope has done this semester.

First off with my appearance. I’ve had a Tumblr bog for as long as I can remember so I know about themes and how people will be turned on and off by what something looks like in seconds. As someone who reads through blogs I know what I would like and what interest me so I tried to make my blog look like one that I would be into. That is when I discover the minimal aesthetically pleasing Kale theme. It was really basic and pretty and there was not much I need to do to customize it t make it my own. That make change if I ever decided I want to go back into this but being crushed for time I really appreciated the simplicity.

The menu was inspired by Poppy Deyes and her blog, actually a lot of inspiration cam from here bog because it it so beautiful. I did life style because I love to talk about mental health, self care, and hearing people discuss it helps me figure myself out more. I assume that me talking about it and lighting a fire in someones mind can do the same for them. For my fashion section that was for people who like to ask me what I wear, where I get it, and my piercings. My piercings post did not get to become a reality yet but it will soon. I am really into dressing myself up so maybe people will want to take a page from my book. The arbitrary section is for post that do not fit into lifestyle or Fashion. I mentioned in my bio that I love to talk and that section is for all that nonsense. My About page is basic because I want people to get a sense of who I am from my posts, and I want people to have whatever image of me from what they read.

My banner was taken by me in my room in the best looking part. I really liked how it turned out and its not edited. I feel like it made a good welcome mat to what kind of content my website has. Very hipster and vintage, corny vibes from it. As for the title I never found something that suited me other than my name. My name starting with an A fit my aesthetic so I just left it but its in the site twice in big letters so that needs to change. I am not really a quotes type of person, unless its my own words, and I speak in speeches not cute phrases. So, I might change the title, give suggestions if you have. My featured posts are just the ones I worked the hardest on like My Beauty Bits post. That post made me want to die. I spent an entire weekend working on lighting for the pics, props, and structure. There was also so many products I included and I gave them all reviews. Not to mention all product I mentioned have hyper links. I really was trying to be a beauty guru. I did not even work that hard on state tests if I am being honest. The train rant is up there because I just feel so sternly about it and I found it funny. How not to cry is my favorite post because its thought provoking and it reminds me of something I would want to see if I was on the verge of crying, and pushed is on it.

My main post a the bottom is my favorite post and a long one. It is just long enough to look really nice at the bottom of the screen and I worked really hard on trying to get my point across. So a lot of my layout is done for the sake of aesthetic. Plug ins, I barley know what that means, but I did install a program to protect against spam. Spam really hurt my heart, I really thought people had found my blog lol. Its fine I just keep talking to my non existent audience. My side bars are just my recent post, comments, and my posts by the dates which is great. Nothing I hate more than when I am on someone’s blog and I can read it in chronological order. I do not really use tags, I feel like my categories are enough. Maybe tags means something different than what I think but I imagine you type someone in search and tags help you find it. On Tumblr they are just used to add little comments so I do not find them use full.

Some of the harder things to do were getting my own images so eventually for the sake of time I got them off Tumblr. If  I did not have other class or a strong urge to do nothing I would have loved to  put more work into getting my own images and learning to edit. Another thing was gifs. Gifs are only cute on Tumblr and I do not really like them. I did do an entire post full of gifs in my Anime Recommendations post and they did actually look good. I’m just not into the look on text its just too much. Net art just didn’t work for me either, photoshop and things of that nature are very overwhelming and if I ever have to edit or make something from scratch I will put it off. I do want to learn don’ get me wrong, in my portrait post I did edit a pretty decent picture so I do have some capability.

Some final thoughts is that it was really entertaining to make a website and have something like this. To bring up Tumblr once again I saw a lot of parallels, but I did not post my own content on Tumblr so it was nice to do that for a change. Setting featured images for all my post is pretty annoying, by the way. I really enjoyed just writing and making lists, because that is the content I usually look for. This is something I would want to continue in the near future by not having an actual audience is off putting. Someone once told me to get over that and  to actually build something I need to learn to talk to no one. I really enjoyed making some of the title for my post. I am really good at making myself laugh. Hopefully this experience gives me enough motivation to become the media figure I want to be.


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